Can a Property Manager have my vacation home rented all year?

Vacation Home rental or short-term leasing is no different from any other business. They are all cyclical and greatly influenced by conjuncture. For a vacation home in the Laurentians; summer vacations and ski season are most favorable.

When you assume management, do you necessarily take control over the entire decision making process?

Not necessarily. As all properties are different, we understand that there cannot be a “one size fits all” management. Our clients determine our level of involvement and our job is to meet their expectations. All our agreements are customized. You are and you remain, the master of your domain.

You decide whether to give out the entire decision-making process or keep monitoring it, in whole or in part. We work with you in collaboration and make you benefit from our experience in order to achieve your goals.

To read more on the aspects and particularities of our Real Estate Management Program and Rental Management Program, please go to the relevant pages of this WEB site.

Is it true that renting and managing a vacation home is too difficult and I am obliged to hire a Property Manager?

If you want to manage the rental of your property, you have the desire, the aptitudes, availability, etc.; YES YOU CAN! Hiring a Property Manager is paying for the convenience and peace of mind of having it done for you.

If I use a Property Manager, is it a guarantee that my place will not be robbed or vandalized?

No. You need to take the same precautions and safety measures to protect your Real-Estate investment as you would for your personal residence. Regular visits are a good precautionary measure.

If I sum up my residence, can you give me an estimate of the housekeeping cost?

All our services are customized; we need to see the premises in order to produce an estimate. Everything is taken into consideration as everything is cleaned during our visits. We also want to ensure that we are able to answer and satisfy your needs. It is only by visiting your place that we can assess our capacity to meet your criteria.

Get to the next questions to get to know our criteria.

Another Property Manager refused to manage my property; does it imply that you will refuse as well?

Not necessarily. We have a unique approach and business model. Our criteria are based on service, quality, and cleanliness. We accept clients and properties that have been denied by other managers, as the opposite is also true.

Must we supply you with a minimum annual threshold for us to retain your services?

No, it is not money that drives us. We want to keep doing what we love and to work with people that share our values. Money only comes after what really matters.

Will a Property Manager get a better price for my rental?

Possibly. However, if your objective is to generate the most revenue, you need to ask the RIGHT price which may not always be the HIGHEST price. It is the balance between offer, demand, and price that maximizes traffic and income. Since everything is constantly evolving, the price must also be adjusted through time.

I have been told I can cover all expenses and even generate a net income by renting my property?

This question cannot be answered simply by a yes or a no; it needs calculations to be answered adequately. Good news is, with all the required information, we can answer it. All we can certify on this topic is that it is the subject of great and many urban legends. Do not believe everything you hear. Remember: if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

You will showcase our property on your WEB site and that is where you get rental generation?

A management company using such a strategy would do it only for the purpose of self-promotion; to create traffic for its WEB site in order to promote its services. Since its WEB site is recognized by Internet search engines as a property manager, clients in search of a rental property are not directed to their WEB site by search engines.


Vacation rental and property rental WEB sites will get you the best results. Nobody can outperform them, regardless of the Property Manager. That is why we recommend the best amongst them for our clients' benefit.

Is there a Management Program that offers all the services that I need?

Yes, if you do business with Gestion de Propriété Prestige. Others use sub-contractors; even if they do not let it show.

Can we subscribe to the Management Program without subscribing to the housekeeping and maintenance services?

At Gestion de Propriété Prestige, the quality and cleanliness of our homes are the foundation of our business model and it is the reason why we have such a high level of customer satisfaction. We could not objectively manage a property without having the assurance of its quality. Therefore, we would not accept a Property Management assignment without being assigned the maintenance.

You only accept big houses and buildings in management as they are the biggest revenue generators?

False. The size or capacity is not an acceptance criterion for Gestion de Propriété Prestige. We prefer to work with owners that believe as we do that success comes through total customer satisfaction. All our clients have this in common: they do not make or accept any compromise on service, housing quality or cleanliness.

Are you like other Property Managers and get rid of us once you have more profitable clients?

No. Gestion de Propriété Prestige has a controlled growth strategy. Like the control we maintain on the quality of our services, we make sure that our growth is sound and healthy. We believe in longevity and durability in business. If we accept to do business with a client, it is with the intent of keeping him and to have others join him.


In the Property Management and vacation rental business, as in other big business sectors; myths, folklore and urban legends profuse.

Here you will find the answer to our clients most frequently asked questions. These are often images created as a result of spread-out opened statements, declarations and presumptions, repeated on a mass scale without the facts being verified.

We hope that this section will help you shed new light and give you a better understanding of what we do, of our core business values and of our domains of expertise. We are available should any question arise.







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